In progress


A platform where you learn by teaching others — by telling stories together, in VR.

Tech: Unity (Photon, SteamVR), Node.js + Mongo, Python


Extended Knowledge

A tool for thinking on scales larger/longer than mindmaps usually allow for.
Augmented withWikipedia data.

Tech: Node.js + Mongo + Neo4j, HTML Canvas


Other works

Mind-body evolution

Agents can evolve new limbs, which add new `in` and `out` neurons.
Mind is a Spiking Neural Network, implemented inbrian2 and usingIzhikevich cells dynamics.

This experiment is currently suspended.

Tech: Python (Brian2), Unity, ZeroMQ

not published

Artificial worlds

Terrain generation and object placement are inspired byNo Man's Sky.
Air dynamics are a voxel-based simulation, based onGPU Gems article.

Originally meant to be a dynamic environment for artificial agents to adapt to, but it hasn't got to that point . . . yet

Tech: Unity, Python


Map viewer for Lineage II

In a time of being somewhat obsessed with the game, spent a few weeks dawn till dusk trying to find ways to read a (somewhat altered) UE data format and understanding how it's meant to be visualized.

Tech: C++, OpenGL